Five Virgo Traits That Will Lead to a New Romance


If your birthday happened last month,¬†you most likely fall under the Virgo sign. In astrology, Virgos are those people whose birthdays fall between August 23 to September 23. There are many great traits that fall under the sign – traits that can be strong enough to encompass many areas of their lives. Virgos are great: they are usually friendly and soft-natured as well as quite social. They often appear and seem to be calm on the outside when in fact there is so much going on in the inside of them that they keep in there. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Pink, Adam Sandler, and Cameron Diaz are all Virgos, and seem to have great personalities to boot! Most of the time when we think about astrology and horoscopes, we often equate it to our love lives – “What’s going to happen?” is a popular thought and question when it comes to horoscopes. Truth be told, there are traits that you have and can hone that can and will lead you to a new romance if you will it.

Here are five Virgo traits that will lead to a new romance:

1. Die-Hard Romantic

While some are under the false impression that Virgos are insensitive and cold, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are very loyal and the best partners anyone could have. They tend to be sincere to their partners and really value and believe in the institution of love.

2. Attractive Personality

Virgos are overall just generally beautiful people. They tend to dress well and carry themselves in a manner that people can really appreciate them both on the outside and the inside.

3. Subtle and Simple

You’d have to try really hard to find a Virgo who is loud and boastful about their accomplishments – and even then it’s pretty much impossible! These folks don’t brag about themselves or toot their own horn; they’re modest and all about subtlety. They talk less and act more, which is part of what makes them so attractive.

4. Shy

Those under the Virgo sign prefer a little solitude and isolation rather than being active in a big crowd. Most of them are more introverted and prefer to be in the company of someone they click with than someone they don’t particularly like. They’re not very outgoing, but they are incredibly intellectual. If you get the chance to get to know a Virgo deep down, you’ll find someone who will endlessly love you and shower you with affection more than anyone ever could.

5. Caring and Loving

One of the most prominent traits of Virgos is their capacity to show affection and care for other people. They are compassionate, humane individuals who have nothing but love in their hearts.

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