Questions You Must Ask Before You Plan Your Wedding

Now that you’re engaged you want to dive right into the wedding planning. After all, you both want to marry each other seeing as how he asked and you accepted, right? Wrong. There are a few things you need to discuss other than that you want to get married before you start the wedding planning process. Getting these things out of the way now can prevent a huge pre-wedding breakdown when one of you finally comes clean about what you really want.

What Kind of Wedding Do You Want?

If you want a huge wedding and he wants something small and simple, you have to find a way to compromise or you’re going to have a problem. The wedding is something for you both, which means you both need to enjoy it and love it. Once you determine the kind of wedding you both want, you can start planning each component such as the venue, guestlist, event flowers, theme and motif, etc. Compromise is the key to marriage, and there’s no better practice than working on the art of compromise prior to the wedding.

Who Do You Want to Invite?

Here’s the deal; you both have to invite people you probably don’t want to (drunken Aunt Sally, for example) but you have to discuss boundaries. For example, if he is friends with an ex and you would rather die than have her at your wedding, you need to tell him. You can’t go inviting people the other one doesn’t want present.

What’s Most Important?

This one is important when it comes to planning your wedding. What’s the most important part for both of you? If it’s getting to spend time with your loved ones having a great time, then focus on the reception and keep the ceremony simple. If it’s having your wedding in a place that’s meaningful to both of you, then focus on the location. You need to incorporate what’s important to you both, and unless you talk about it ahead of time you cannot do that.


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