Healthy Snacks that are Great for Pregnancy

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Being with child is one of the greatest honors of life; with being pregnant usually involves pregnancy cravings, and why not – you are eating for two, after all. Many women tend to crave sweet, savory, salty, and sometimes a downright strange combination of foods! Quite commonly, many women who are usually healthy eaters and/or routine dieters tend to give themselves some room for a little indulging (or even a lot of indulging) when they are pregnant. While that can be great, there are also other great healthy yet yummy snacks that are perfect for mothers-to-be.

Here are five healthy snacks that are great for pregnancy:

1. Fruit Smoothies – This snack packs a punch with all the great things in it: with fresh fruits of your preference as well as yogurt, it contains good carbohydrates, some protein, calcium, folate and fiber.

2. Half a Turkey Sandwich – If you’re looking for a heartier snack, look no further. With half of a turkey sandwich, the snack provides whole-grain carbohydrates, lean protein, and fruit and veggie carbs and leave you full longer.

3. Apple and Slice of Cheese – There is a reason for the phrase “An apple a day…” – apples are great snacks on their own; the fruit is packed with fiber. Pair the sweet, crunchy apple with a slice of your favorite cheese and you have yourself a carb and protein-filled day!

4. Popsicles – With these often-killer summer temps, try to refrain from eating a bowl of ice cream and instead, grab some fruit flavored popsicles. They are light, refreshing, and contain only a portion of the calories.

5. Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Granola – Another great alternative to ice cream would be some low-fat yogurt (hello, protein) paired with fresh fruit (like delicious carbohydrate berries) and a sprinkle of granola for some more good carbs.

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