Veteran’s Missing Service Dog is Found Hundreds of Miles from Home

Missing Dog

You might recall the story of Kai, a German Shepherd service dog who went missing the day after Thanksgiving.  Kai went missing in Vista, California and amazingly turned up recently in Texas as reported by the San Diego Union Tribune.   Kai has been a service dog to Alexandra Melnick and is believe to have been stolen from his yard nine months ago.

Melnick received a tip in late August which led her to track Kai’s location to a town called Aubrey which is about an hour outside of Dallas.  According to NBC San Diego, as soon as Melnick received the information, she got on a flight to Texas to verify that the dog in question was truly her own.

Kai was seized from the home in Texas on September 2nd by local authorities.  Melnick stated in an email that Kai is “in very poor health.” A hearing to determine true ownership is being held on Wednesday.  We’ll try and keep you posted.   So far there are no sites or locations to help Kai but if there are any once the hearing ends, we’ll update you all.


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