Taking Care of Your Dog’s Kennel Cough

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Many of us dog owners consider our canines to be a member of our family, so when they get sick, we get worried about them. It’s good to be aware of all the diseases and illnesses dogs can get/have so we know how to take action. One such problem in dogs is a kennel cough; if your pup is making noises like it’s choking on something, it may have canine¬†infectious tracheobronchitis, more commonly known as kennel cough. While it sounds worse than it is, it’s not a serious condition and some dogs can even recover from it without receiving treatment. If your dog doesn’t fall into that category, you should take action, just in case.

Here are things you should do if your dog has kennel cough:

– First of all, kennel cough is contagious, so if your dog has it, it’s best to keep it isolated and away from other animals for the time being. You should also contact your veterinarian immediately.

– Pay a visit to the vet. Your dog may need and be prescribed antibiotics and/or cough suppressant medicines.

– Keep your pup in a well-humidified area with either a humidifier or a vaporizer and use a harness rather than using a collar to help minimize the coughing.

– Avoid exposing your dog from cigarette smoke, which will only further irritate the cough.

– Be sure your canine is eating and drinking enough water, as well as make sure it’s in a stress-free environment, to ensure it’s well-being.

Here’s a helpful video for more information on kennel cough:

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