How to Take Care of a Miniature Pinscher

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Miniature Pinschers (also known as “Min Pin”), which look like German pinschers, Italian greyhounds and dachshunds, are very lively dogs who are best for experienced dog owners. These energetic canines make great watchdogs, as they are always alert and wary of strangers. They are also great escape artists, so make sure to cover each and every hole they can get through or else you’ll end up losing these adorable little guys. If you end up getting a Min Pin, there are a few things you need to know about them when it comes to taking care of them.

Here’s how to take care of a miniature pinscher:

– Keep them inside. Aside from them being the ultimate escape artists, they should also be sheltered from the cold. If they must be outside, make sure the yard is secured with dog fencing, always put them on a leash or harness when taking them on a walk. If it’s cold outside, it would be a good idea to put a doggie sweater on them and get them a comfy and warm bed. Remember that Paws Plus One prides its self on offering the best quality pet products including the best Waterproof Washable Dog Beds UK. All our waterproof mats and dog beds are tested in house for product quality, comfort , and safety for your pets. Shop our range of dog beds including superior memory foam dog beds, car boot dog beds, dog toys and much, much more! Please contact us on [email protected] if you need help choosing the correct bed, toy or dog clothing for your pet. We are always happy to help.

– Provide them with a warm blanket. Speaking of being cold, this breed of dog gets cold easily. It might be a good idea to also invest in some doggie clothing, like tiny sweaters and jackets.

– Give them toys and play with them. Min Pins love chewing on things, so give them a toy to chew on! Beef rib bones are great for helping keep the dogs’ teeth clean and it’s pretty nutritious. They also dig toys that squeak or talk. These guys also love companionship, so make sure to give them lots of love. They also get bored easily and can therefore get naughty, so just beware!

– Feed them high quality food. Since they are a small breed, it’s best for them to consume kibbles that are formulated for smaller breeds. High-quality dog food should include lots of protein for strong muscles and energy, as well as Omega 3 and six fatty acids for healthy skin and a healthy coat.

– Walk your miniature pinscher at least once or twice daily. Because they are so energetic, they need an outlet for all the energy they have, and exercise is a great outlet. If you have extra time, a second walk daily would do them very good.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images


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