A Guide To Hypoallergenic Dogs

One major reason that people who love dogs don’t get them as pets is because they or their loved one suffers from allergies, thanks to our furry friends’ coats. The good news: it is possible for allergic people to be proud dog owners. Thankfully, not all dog breeds’ hair triggers itchy, watery eyes and the sniffles – some shed less than others, while some don’t even have any hair at all! Need a simple guide to hypoallergenic dogs? No sweat!

Here are some of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds:

Shih Tzu: Despite their long hair and need for a lot of grooming, these doggies sheds only very lightly. But watch out for your babies and toddlers: they tend to get very jealous of them!

Bichon Frise: These adorable puffs of white are just as allergy-friendly as they are cute! Don’t let their puffy coat deter you: surprisingly, these guys don’t shed, as long as their fur gets brushed. Another plus: bichon frise dogs are small and cheerful canines and make great companions!

Samoyed: Sneezy dog owners rejoice: here’s a breed that sheds, but has no dander or odor – the perfect fit for people who are allergen sensitive.

Schnauzer: While seemingly furry, these guys don’t shed. Another great characteristic they possess: they are incredibly loyal and doesn’t let his owners out of his sight.

Italian Greyhound: These Italian canines have thin coats, so they barely shed and it’s very easy to keep them allergen-free.

Yorkshire Terrier: There’s a reason many celebrities prefer to own Yorkies! This tiny indoor pup doesn’t shed; however, it does need constant grooming, so there’s that.

Chinese Crested: The best way to not have allergies around dogs is to eliminate the culprit… hair! You can’t go wrong with this breed – after all, they don’t shed at all!

Basenji: Talk about perfection: these dogs don’t shed nor do they bark! They also have very little dander and are very sweet dogs.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images




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