Five Ways to Bond With Your New Dog

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Getting a new puppy or new dog is always an exciting feat! After all, the feeling of giving a canine a new, loving home is worth every happy thought in the world! However, sometimes it just so happens that it might take a while for a new pup to warm up to you and for you both to basically bond. Bonding with your pup is one of the most important aspect of your relationship.

Here are five ways to help you bond with your new dog:

1. Take a hike. Not only are you exercising with your pup, it also gives you two quality alone time in order to get better acquainted. If a hike isn’t your forte, a daily walk around the neighborhood is a great alternative.

2. Give your dog table scraps. While this practice is a no-no for some people, every once in a while it’s okay to give them a little human food. Trust us, you’ll be their best friend after that, guaranteed! Just make sure to avoid foods like raisins, chocolate and even nuts.

3. Let your dog sleep in your bed. Dogs notoriously love to cuddle with their owner –  in this case, you!

4. Buy a new toy together. Go to your local pet store and take your dog with you. Let them pick their most favorite toy or treat. There are various toys out there on the market that are both fun and even educational, and especially entertaining for your canine.

5. Give them a little loving – and scratching. Pet your dog and scratch under the collar, tummy, ears, and chest – all sweet spots!

Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images


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