English Bulldog Daddy Meets Daughter for the First time and Amazingness Follows


While simply relaxing on the couch, a tough English Bulldog named Chaucer meets his even tougher puppy daughter for the first time. At first, you can tell he doesn’t seem to know what to make of her, but soon enough the two are even playing together! It’s such a sweet video, perfectly timed for just after Father’s Day! 

In the adorable video below,  you can see Chaucer and his daughter’s meeting for the first time. When the two first encounter each other, daddy Chaucer is laying down minding his own business when his daughter comes up to a nearby bone treat and starts to have at it. At first, the daddy dog gets a bit territorial, walking up to the younger puppy, staring at her for a second. He sniffs her and then gives up, putting his head down and letting her have a go.

The feisty puppy starts to sniff around playfully, nuzzling under her father’s neck for a moment and the starts gnawing on the toy bone. Chuacer then gently pushes her away in a playful manner, when suddenly the little dog starts barking at him. He says nothing back and just looks at her. He then starts playing with her, gently making a swatting motion, continuing to play with her like so. At one point, he gets up and right when it looks like he’s about to do something, he just flops down on the couch. It goes on like that for a couple of minutes – the cutest couple of minutes ever!

Photo Source: YouTube 


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