The Cost of Owning a Shar Pei: Factors Affecting Their Market Price


With their distinctive wrinkled appearance and charming personality, Shar Pei dogs captivate the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. They are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and possess a unique blend of elegance and strength. But there’s just one problem: the Shar Pei are a costly breed. Here are 15 possible reasons why such a lovely dog comes with a premium price tag.

Breeder Reputation

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Reputable breeders often have years of experience, a deep understanding of the species, and a commitment to ethical breeding practices. They may also have awards from dog shows or animal clubs. Intending owners are willing to pay more for puppies from such experts, expecting higher standards of care and genetic health.


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A strong pedigree indicates a lineage of dogs with in-demand traits, including temperament and well-being. Prospective owners seeking a Shar Pei with a prestigious lineage are willing to pay more because they believe it increases the likelihood of obtaining a puppy that meets the best standards and has fewer health issues.


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While all coat colors are acceptable in Shar Pei according to the existing standard, specific colors may be attractive or rare, leading to outstanding prices. For example, dilute colors like blue or lilac are less common and may be costlier due to their uniqueness and appeal to individuals looking for something distinctive.



For proper care, socialization, and vaccinations, young pups require extra time, effort, and resources from breeders. Therefore, they are generally costlier than adult dogs, which may already be trained and socialized.


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Gender preferences among enthusiasts can influence pricing, especially if there’s a greater need for one gender over the other. Additionally, rearers may adjust costs based on the pet’s reproductive potential. Females, for example, can reproduce extensively and may be more expensive than some males.

Health Clearances


Breeders who invest in screenings and certifications for their dogs demonstrate a commitment to producing healthy offspring. These clearances assure buyers regarding the puppy’s genetic well-being, justifying a higher cost due to the reduced risk of inheriting hereditary conditions.

Geographic Location


Prices can fluctuate regularly depending on the cost of living and the availability of reputable trainers in a particular region. Urban areas or regions with fewer breeders may have costlier dogs due to increased requests and a limited personnel supply.


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Shar Pei’s popularity, and by implication, demand, can vary over time due to factors like media exposure, celebrity endorsements, or trends in dog ownership. Higher orders often attract significant charges as marketers capitalize on the animal’s popularity at that particular time.


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Some experts may intentionally limit the number of litters they produce to maintain quality and exclusivity. Limited availability of Shar Pei puppies compared to the demand can increase their value as prospects compete for the available ones.


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Size variations of Shar Pei directly affect costs. For instance, miniature or oversized individuals may appeal to different people at different times. As a result, stockmen may adjust prices accordingly to reflect the rarity or request for specific size categories.


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Canines closely adhering to the standard regarding physical structure, proportion, and movement are considered ideal for conformation shows and raring programs. Marketers may charge additional amounts for those with exceptional conformation as they possess desirable and highly valued qualities in the show ring and breeding circles.


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Shar Pei dogs with well-adjusted temperaments and positive socialization experiences are likelier to become well-behaved adult dogs. Trainers prioritizing early socialization and temperament testing may ask for extra money as compensation for additional time and effort invested in nurturing desirable behavior traits.

Training and Skills


Pups that have received basic obedience training or have achieved titles in canine sports or competitions require extra investment from the breeder. Buyers may be willing to pay a premium for these due to their advanced training and demonstrated capabilities.

Additional Services

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Some sellers offer added services or perks as part of the puppy purchase. These services may include veterinary check-ups, initial vaccinations, microchipping, or starter kits containing food, toys, and grooming supplies. These inclusions can add value to the purchase and justify increased costs.

Breeding Rights

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Sellers often offer puppies with procreation rights to specific buyers who intend to propagate them in the future. These animals are typically expensive due to the added value associated with their potential contribution to the breed’s gene pool.


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