20 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

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Dogs are our best allies. They entertain us with their antics and also support us emotionally. From the powerful to the charmingly quirkiness, here are the top 20 most beautiful dog breeds on the earth.

Siberian Husky

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Siberian Huskies are a beautiful and powerful dog breed, and one cannot take their eyes off them. Known for their remarkable beauty, thick double coats, and piercing blue/ multicolored eyes, Siberian Huskies are simply gorgeous. This dog breed is equally sociable and has an outgoing personality. They originated from Siberia.  

Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever is a dog breed with luxurious looks. They are quite common among dog lovers across the world. And why not? From their glossy golden coats to friendly behavior, intelligence, and loyalty, every feature is to fall in love with. Golden Retrievers come in different colors and they make wonderful family pets. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Geoff Oliver – Unsplash

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known not only for their long, unique, and royal name but their graceful appearance as well. These outgoing and friendly dogs become great companions for families and kids. Their long, flowing coats, and expressive eyes add to their beauty. They can attract you with their faces and expressions alone.


Sveta Golovina – Unsplash

Have you ever come across those dogs with a constant smile on their face? Yes, they are Samoyeds. Their radiating smile never fails to attract humans towards them. They are Siberian natives and were originally raised as working dogs.

Afghan Hound

Arve Kern – Unsplash

If you want to adopt a beautiful dog breed, but one that has been here for centuries, go for Afghan Hounds. These gorgeous dogs are known for their grace, beauty, and independent nature. Their silky, flowing coats and royal appearance make them stand out amongst many. For silky-smooth and luscious hair, they can give you tough competition. 

Shetland Sheepdog

Krisztian Tabori – Unsplash

Shetland Sheepdogs, or as they are lovingly called ‘Shelties,’ are truly picture-perfect. These little herding dogs are famous for their stunning beauty. Observe their bright eyes, pretty smiles, and glossy double coats; every feature defines beauty. Shelties make great agility competitors. They are highly clever, friendly, and always eager to please.

Australian Shepherd

Maud Slaats – Unsplash

The medium-sized beautiful Australian Shepherds are loved for their striking appearance. From expressive and captivating eyes to a merle coat pattern and expressive eyes, they have enough reasons to attract humans. Australian Shepherds are loved for their remarkable appearance and intelligence. They also make excellent sports dogs. 


Balmer Rasario – Unsplash

You may be unfamiliar with the name but must have spotted them around. These dogs are known for their sleek, tall build, and striking spotted coats. All white skin and multiple uneven spots throughout, mostly in black. Dalmatians make an excellent family dog and get along well with kids, seniors, and other pets. 

Border Collie

Chung Nguyen – Unsplash

Those beautiful dogs you find intensely gazing at you are Border Collies. One of the smartest breeds of dogs, they are known for their rapid reactions and sharp intelligence. Although they make excellent house pets, Border Collies are originally known for their remarkable herding skills. They are very photogenic dogs.

Great Pyrenees

Samuel Machala – Unsplash

Looking for the most beautiful dog breed in the world? Well, there is none other in competition with Great Pyrenees. These large, white, chubby dogs are known for their strength and beauty. Great Pyrenees are mountain dogs and were originally raised to protect animals. They also turn out as excellent pets due to their mild attitude.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Claudie Ann Tremblay – Unsplash

Also known as fox dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgi are beautiful canines. Their fox-like expression, tall body, and short legs make them truly adorable. Although they carry an unusual appearance, they are considered beautiful amongst many dog breeds. Despite being small, they are strong and athletic.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Alexandra Lau – Unsplash

Bernese Mountain dogs are happy, lively, and beautiful. These canines carry stunning tricolor coats and their kind, affectionate personalities. Every time you see them, they are smiling with their tongues out. The more affectionately they will look at you, the more you will fall in love with them. Bernese Mountain dogs are noted among the most photogenic dogs.

Irish Setter

Gary Sandoz – Unsplash

Irish Setters have a graceful build and stunning mahogany-red coats that make them appealing and popular. Their well-known outgoing and happy attitude makes them great family pets and friends. Irish Setters are highly regarded for their strong build and enthusiasm for the outdoors. Their sleek and silky coat can rival that of your spa hair!

Alaskan Malamute

Monika Stawowy – Unsplash

Strength, endurance, and striking look define Alaskan Malamutes as powerful and majestic dogs. They have a thick double coat, large ears, and a strong, wolf-like build. Originally bred as sledge dogs, malamutes are loyal, independent, and weatherproof in the cold. Their attractiveness is comparable to huskies.

Chow Chow

Moujib Aghrout – Unsplash

Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds originating from China. These fluffy and cuddly dogs are recognized by their thick physique, blue-black tongue, and lion-like mane. They are loved for their honorable behavior and devotion to their families. Chow Chows are famous for their distant but loving personalities.


Atanas Teodosiev – Unsplash

Weimaraners have become known for their beautiful amber or blue-gray eyes and sleek, silver-gray coats. They were first bred for large game hunting. True to their appearance, they are extremely athletic and energetic dogs. Weimaraners are clever and loyal and demand constant mental and physical stimulation. Although beautiful, they can look slightly scary to some people.

Shiba Inu

Jaycee Xie – Unsplash

Characterized by a small build, curled tail, and expressive eyes, Shiba Inus mimic foxes. They are the oldest and smallest of the native Japanese breeds, having originated in Japan. Shiba Inus make excellent companions since they are self-sufficient, vigilant, and have a lively personality. Remember not to mistake them for foxes.

Basset Hound

Kyle Smith – Unsplash

Basset Hounds have a unique and charming appearance owing to their large ears, drooping eyes, and tiny legs. They have a good sense of scent and a calm, gentle nature, having been originally developed for small-game hunting. It is well known that Basset hounds have an easygoing temperament and a kind nature.


Anna Dudkova – Unsplash

Papillion is the French word for ‘butterfly”. The namesake Papillion dog means a dog with butterfly-like ears. Their long, flowing coats and fragile bone structure make them attractive dogs. If you have not seen them yet, check for their facial build, especially ears. Papillons are social, clever, and agile. They are good at dog sports and hobbies.


Milli – Unsplash

Beagles are adored for their gentle nature, pleasant temperament, and unique color. They were initially bred to hunt rabbits and other small wildlife. They are medium-sized dogs with a robust body and an excellent sense of smell. Beagles are friendly, curious, and social creatures and make wonderful family companions.


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