How To Make Your Adorable Dog a Part of Your Wedding


Your wedding day is all about the party bringing together the most important people in your life. It’s the day you will become a family with the love of your life. It’s the day you will spend dancing and celebrating, crying tears of joy and laughing with your family, your best friends; the people that mean the most to you. But sometimes the people that mean the most to you aren’t actually people. Sometimes they are animals. Your dog, for instance, might be one of the most important people in your life, and that means you’re going to want him or her to be a part of your big day. While some people might frown upon the concept of a dog’s presence at a wedding, we love the idea. We love the idea that your furry friend takes part in such a special moment in your life, and that’s why we have so many amazing suggestions for making sure your dog’s inclusion in your wedding only adds to the love and ambiance of the big day.

Get her Dressed Up

If you have an adorable dog that needs to look as if she belongs in your wedding, go ahead, bring your pet to a dog groomers service and accessorize. A lovely hair bow in the same color as your wedding party, a draped necklace that your grandmother gave you; sometimes it’s the smallest touches that make the biggest impact. Imagine your little dog with her sweet aqua bow sitting beside you as you say your vows, her tiny accessory visible in your wedding photos for years to come. It’s just so sweet.

Give her a Bouquet

Why not put a small bouquet around your dog’s collar – a very blinged out and special collar for the big occasion – and let her walk down the aisle with the rest of the wedding party? You could put the bouquet around her neck – a small one that’s not too heavy, of course – and she could be one of your very own bridesmaids. It would be sweet, special and very on point with the entire theme of the wedding.

A Flower Crown

A sweet way to have your dog head down the aisle would be in a small decorative wagon pulled by your flower girl and ring bearer, and your dog could wear a flower crown designed to match the bouquets that the bridal party and yourself are carrying down the aisle. Talk about an attention getting move. This one would make the rest of the wedding guests sigh with contentment and happiness. Of course, this is a move that will only work well with a smaller dog. You certainly don’t want your ring bearer and flower girl dragging a mastiff or St. Bernard down the aisle (Perhaps they could ride him!).

The Bearer of the Rings

If you trust that your dog won’t make a snack of them, run away or do anything else questionable, why not let the dog serve as your ring bearer? You could tie a lovely ribbon around his neck and (with a bowtie) and let him walk the rings down the aisle for you to exchange when you say your vows. This is a way to incorporate your dog into the ceremony in one of the most special and meaningful ways of the day.


Don’t forget to include your dog in your wedding photos. Front and center, off to the side, with just the two of you, with just one of you at a time, with the bridal party and even having a great time on the dance floor; make sure your dog is in the photos so that you can remember this moment for the rest of your lives. Dogs and their owners have such a special relationships that it would be remiss if you did not include yours in the photos on your big day.

A Few Additional Tips

The ensure that your wedding day is as seamless and magical as possible, you have to consider a few things when you make the decision to include your dog in the big day. The first consideration is doggie care. You, obviously, will be a bit distracted and busy on the big day, so it’s up to you to find someone who is willing to keep the dog with them all day long. This needs to be someone you trust explicitly. This person will be in charge of walking the dog, making sure the dog is fed and watered, dressing the dog and being there as the dog is walking down the aisle so that his behavior is on par the entire time. This also needs to be someone who is willing to run the dog home after the ceremony or at least find a place for the dog that’s safe and secure so that he’s not in any trouble and so that he doesn’t accidentally destroy anything during the wedding.

You should also really ask yourself if your dog’s behavior is where it needs to be to be a part or your big day. For example, your brand new puppy might be the love of your lives but he might not be the best wedding guest. If he’s in the chewing phase, the biting phase and he’s not potty trained, it might not be the best idea to invite him to the wedding where there are so many other tempting things that he might find to play with.

Dog care is important when it comes to not just your wedding day, but also your honeymoon. What’s the plan for your canine companion when you are done with your wedding and off on your honeymoon? Most people would board their dog or take it where it’s staying before their wedding day so that it’s one less thing for them to worry about since they’re not going home. However, if your dog is going to attend with you, you need to ensure that there is someone present to take him where he’s staying when the big day is over.

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