Hilarious Dog Fails That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


Look, it’s in our nature to laugh when something doesn’t go right. Whether it’s a human being tripping on the sidewalk or your own dog missing a ball in a game of fetch, these moments can be downright hilarious. We’re not saying it’s always OK to laugh at the misfortune of others. However, when it comes with no harm done and an amount of cuteness that you can’t ignore, it’s more than OK to share these moments.

Speaking of which, we had to share this dog fail compilation for you to enjoy. It’s actually likely that you’ve seen some of the videos included in this compilation. But they still make you laugh over and over! Our personal favorite was the French Bulldog who rolled on the sand when he fell down while he was running. Don’t worry he was 100% fine. Check out the video below!

Dogs who fail at being dogsDisturb Reality

Posted by Disturb Reality on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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