Four-year-old Siena and Her Two-Year-old Doberman Buddah are Completely Inseparable


The bond that dogs and children can have is an amazing thing.  But rarely is it captured in such a way that it manages to capture the attention of millions of people.  But when you see the pictures and read the story of Siena and her dog Buddah, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.  The pair are winning over the hearts of people everywhere and are gaining followers very quickly.

The inseparable pair began their rise to popularity when Siena’s mother, Tara Prucha created an Instagram account to share photos of the relationship between Siena and her Doberman. “I took a ton of photos and wanted to share them with everyone,” Ms Prucha told US Today. “And then all these random people became diehard fans.”

The account, called Cutie and the Beast, is now closing in on 150,000 followers.  Everyone is looking forward to the next picture of Buddah refusing to leave Siena’s side.  “Dobermans are also known as ‘velcro dogs’,” Ms Prucha said. “They just want to be with their one human and (Buddah) has obviously chosen my daughter.”  “Sometimes Buddha will flat out ignore me if he knows Siena wants him to stay,” Ms Prucha wrote on Facebook. “He hasn’t gone to the bathroom for over 7 hours and he still won’t budge from her room.”

Below are some more adorable pictures of the incredible duo!






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