What This Dog Did for a Newborn Baby Has People All Over The World Talking


Dog always seem to amaze us with their abilities.  Often times we are surprised by how amazing and miraculous dogs can actually be.  From the tricks they learn to their sixth sense about dangerous situations, we are constantly astounded by them.  In Thaliand, one dog has the whole world talking about something no less than miraculous that he did.  Pui, the dog’s name, gave his owner a shock when he fetched a white bag from a garbage dump site.  Pui carried the bag to his owner only for him to gasp as he opened it.

What was inside?  A newborn baby who was abandoned.  The baby, Thank God, survived and was unharmed after being rushed to the hospital.   Pui was commended for his efforts with lots of love and a brand new leather collar.  Check out the video to see!


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