10 Dog Breeds That Bite People The Most

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Dogs are usually a blast to be around, all friendly and affectionate. But let’s face it, when they decide to bite, it can turn into a big issue. In the U.S., more than 4.5 million people experience dog bites each year, and about one in five end up needing medical help. Here are dog breeds that bite people the most!

German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are like the celebrities of the dog world—gorgeous, loyal, and always ready to roll up their sleeves for a job. That’s why they’re the top choice for police and military jobs – they have the toughness and protective instincts to match. However, without the proper training, their protective side might turn a bit too aggressive with strangers. It’s a double-edged sword – what makes them awesome guard dogs also makes them tricky in certain situations.

Pit Bull

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Pit Bulls often make headlines in serious dog attack stories. They’ve gained a reputation for being tough and sometimes aggressive, which means they’re not always welcome in certain places like apartments or neighborhoods. These dogs were originally bred to be strong and formidable for guarding and fighting purposes. It’s a sad reality that some are bred for illegal dogfighting, enduring super terrible treatment as a result.


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Rottweilers are big, strong dogs with powerful jaws. They were first bred to help with herding animals, but now they’re commonly seen as guard dogs or in search and rescue teams. They’re super protective, which can sometimes come across as aggressive. But here’s the deal: just like any other pooch, Rottweilers need daily playtime and chances to socialize. They might start causing trouble without these activities, and their behavior could go downhill fast.

Jack Russell Terrier


Guess who’s making a surprising appearance on this list? The Jack Russell Terrier! These little guys may seem tiny, but don’t let their size fool you. They’ve got big personalities, which sometimes come off as fierce because of all that barking and boldness. Plus, they might show their teeth and growl more often than other pets. Scientists think their small stature and maybe a bit of fearfulness play a role in this behavior.


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When we talk about dog bites, we usually think about big doggos causing the most trouble. But here’s a surprise: Chihuahuas, those tiny pups, can be quite feisty too. People tend to underestimate them because of their tiny size, but they often make it to the list of the most aggressive dog breeds. Even though their bites may not be as powerful as big dogs, they can still hurt and might lead to some injuries.

Chow Chow

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These pups have a personality that sets them apart from the crowd. Unlike most dogs who are eager to make new pals, Chows are more reserved. Maybe it’s because they have a history of being used for food, which made them cautious. They’ve also got some hunting dog genes in them. While they’re loving with their own families, they might not have the same patience with kids as some other breeds do.


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Dalmatians can be awesome companions, but watch out – they can get a bit feisty in not-so-great situations. Back in the day, they were the bodyguards of carriages and horse riders, scaring off bandits and critters on the road. That protective side can sometimes lead to them being a tad aggressive and nippy. And if they’re not bred right, they might end up a bit stubborn, increasing the chances of them showing some aggression.

Cocker Spaniel

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You might not think it, but even the cute cocker spaniel can make it onto this list. These dogs are usually loved for their adorable faces and soft ears, making them popular family pets. But here’s the twist: cocker spaniels can bite hard or even attack if they feel threatened or upset. And they can get worked up pretty easily, which means they might not be the best choice around little kids.

Saint Bernard

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These dogs have been by people’s side for ages, even teaming up with monks in hospices to help out the sick. Now, when it comes to biting, a study checked out many dog breeds, including Saint Bernard. It turns out that common reasons for biting were not getting enough training and having a bad past experience in the past. So, it is super important to teach good behavior to these furry pals right from their puppy days.


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Dobermans are those smart, strong, and adaptable pups! People love them because they’re super loyal and always ready to protect. That’s why they’re often picked as guard or police dogs. With their muscles and presence, they can really intimidate any intruder. But here’s the thing: their protective side can sometimes lead to issues. A Doberman’s bite is no joke, packing about 245 pounds per square inch (PSI) of force.


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