20 Common Facts About Dogs That Are Myths


There are more than 20 common facts about dogs that are myths. Many people still think that some of these myths are real.

Dogs only wag their tails when they’re happy. 


It does mean they’re happy, but that’s not all. Different types of wagging can indicate fear or aggression.

Dogs eat grass to throw up. 


It’s not hard to notice when a dog is eating grass. It’s not entirely untrue, but grass can also make them feel full.

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks. 


The fact is that puppies, like children, are like giant sponges and take things in easily and quickly. As long as their brain is intact though, dogs can learn at any age.

Dogs can’t see color. 


The common facts about dogs that people hold onto don’t change that often. But here’s one for you: dogs can see in color, albeit in a limited way.

Garlic is useful in flea and tick treatment.


It’s fair to assume that most dog owners will do just about anything to get rid of ticks and fleas. Not only does it do nothing to the vermin, but it’s extremely toxic to dogs and will do more damage than good.

Let a dog sniff your hand upon meeting you. 


One of the most common facts about dogs is that you show them the courtesy of sniffing your hand to see if you’re okay. Unfortunately, this could come across as a sign of aggression.

Dogs age seven years to a human’s one. 


Dogs do age quicker than humans, that much is true. But the ratio is a little off since size and breeding have more to do with this matter.

Bad breath is normal for a dog. 


Yeah, no. Like it or not, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent any diseases that might come along as a result of neglect.

A dry, warm nose indicates sickness. 


The common facts about dogs that people cling to are kind of dangerous sometimes. A dry and warm nose isn’t something to worry about unless your dog’s nose is continually cracking and constantly dry.

Spay or neuter your dog while they’re young. 

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This is still a point of contention among veterinarians and dog owners. But the general idea is that allowing a dog to mature before spaying or neutering allows them to lead a fuller life.

Bribe your dog with treats


One of the most common facts about dogs that people hold onto is that dogs will perform tasks better when given treats. It’s fair to say that as rewards for good behavior, treats are fine. But trying to curb behavior with a treat is not a great idea.

Dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. 


Why this was ever seen as a common fact about dogs and not a myth is a mystery. The truth is that their mouths are filled with bacteria, much like a human.

Dogs should eat like wolves.


Dogs are descended in several ways from wolves, but treating them as the same is not smart. One has to take into account the thousands of years of evolution and domestication that occurred.

You need to assert dominance with dogs. 


The idea that you need to present as the alpha in the household was necessary when wolves were taken in as pets. It’s better to treat your dog like a part of the family, with rules and boundaries of course, than preside over them like an iron-fisted alpha.

You should rub your dog’s nose in their mess. 


This isn’t just cruel, it’s counterproductive. Your dog has no idea what you’re doing, so it’s better to put down pads and help them rather than harm them.

Two puppies are great since they have a playmate. 


The idea does sound nice but it can backfire in a big way. Think about it, there are two messes to clean up during training, they might identify with each other more than their human family, and they might become too dependent on each other.

The more love a dog gets the better they are. 


Yes, love is great, and so is treating your furry friend as part of the family. But you still need to establish boundaries to build a healthy relationship.

Dogs yawn when they’re tired.


It’s funny that a lot of people haven’t noticed this more often. But the fact is that dogs do yawn when they’re tired, but they also yawn when they’re bored, anxious, and stressed out, even when they’re trying to be sneaky.

Short-haired dogs don’t need as much grooming. 


As far as haircuts go, that’s fair. But grooming a dog is about more than cutting hair. They do need to have their nails clipped, their teeth brushed, and to make sure that nothing is nesting in their fur.

Certain breeds are more aggressive than others. 

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Not really. While it’s true that many dogs are bred for certain reasons, how they’re treated and brought up will determine their disposition more than their breed.


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