15 Dogs So Dumb That It’s Adorable


When it comes to intelligence, not all dogs are created equal. While some breeds excel in agility and obedience, others may not top the charts in brainpower. These 15 canines may not ace the IQ test but win your hearts with charm and affection.

English Mastiff


The Mastiff is a hardworking and loyal breed. However, its prolonged response time to commands often labels it as needing more intelligence. Mastiffs need help grasping obedience lessons, so you should be ready to invest significant time and patience in domesticating them.

Afghan Hound


This species is elegant, with long legs, a sleek build, and flowing hair, earning accolades at dog shows. However, it doesn’t need to garner recognition for its intellect. They are the least adept when learning new commands from humans.

Basset Hounds


Basset Hounds, also known as scent hounds, rely heavily on their sense of smell. Once they catch a whiff of an enticing scent, they’ll pursue it without regard for other activities. Additionally, they tend to be sedentary and favor minimal movement, earning them a reputation for being difficult to train.



This variant hails from Africa, stands between 15 to 17 inches tall, and weighs around 25 pounds. Unfortunately, they aren’t docile, necessitating an extensive compliance routine. However, Basenjis are highly active, brimming with energy, and they ensure their cleanliness by self-grooming.

Shih Tzu


These pups have held favor among royals for centuries, maintaining their popularity as the 20th most sought-after canine. Widely known as companion lap dogs, Shih Tzus exhibits minimal inclination to learn new tasks or excel in being respectful.



These small—to medium-sized puppies demonstrate unwavering commitment to their family. Despite their affectionate nature, Pekingese possess a dominant and independent personality, so tutoring them is challenging. They may comprehend commands but choose defiance.



Gazing upon the Bulldog will melt your heart, given its irresistibly cute appearance and endearing underbite. However, its placement on the lower end of the IQ scale may stem from its well-documented penchant for laziness, as it prefers couch cuddles over active pursuits, unlike its intellectually agile counterparts.



Beagles are famous for their adorableness and charm, but disciplining them is difficult. Their independent and occasionally mischievous personalities are a contributing factor. However, they are fiercely loyal and affectionate toward their families, cementing their popularity as favored pets.



The Borzoi has a breathtaking coat but lacks brain power. It stands out as one of the cleanest breeds, devoting significant time to personal grooming rather than mental challenges. It performs better during brief workout sessions rather than prolonged classes.

Chow Chow


This hound exhibits dominance and stubbornness, possessing a formidable will. While reasoning may not be its strong suit, the Chow Chow compensates with unwavering loyalty, readily taking on the role of protector to shield its owner from harm.



It is no secret that they have unmatched hunting skills. However, it’s also true that training a Bloodhound presents a formidable challenge. Due to their strong-willed nature, they exhibit reluctance to grasp tricks promptly.



Teaching these four-legged creatures can be problematic until you bond with them. They often display a reluctance to listen to strangers. Moreover, they tend to lose focus swiftly, necessitating short and engaging routines to instill new commands.

Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso exudes laid-back and peaceful behavior but demonstrates stubbornness and independence at the same time. If they disagree with a particular regimen, they refuse to participate. Playful by nature, they prefer frolicking over obeying human commands.



Praised for their loyalty and ferocity, the Rottweiler has much to offer. However, despite their admirable traits, their general brilliance doesn’t rank highest as they are known to have poor memories and need help with concentration.


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Due to their headstrong attitude, they can be challenging companions. With a penchant for asserting themselves as pack leaders, they take ownership of the household if given the chance. They need to be potty trained from an early age.


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