10 Dog Breeds That Are The Pickiest Eaters

Tatjana Baibakova/shutterstock.com

The dog breeds that are the pickiest eaters are tough to deal with at times thanks to their finicky habits. Finding a favorite food that’s good for them is kind of tough at times.



A lot of small dogs are notoriously picky eaters, and the Pekingese is one of the worst. Unfortunately, overfeeding them is not a great idea, but finding a balanced diet that they enjoy isn’t that easy.



It’s been stated that the pickiest eaters are often a result of too many snacks or possibly health problems. Dachshunds are notorious for having back issues as well as a few other health concerns, so it’s possible that this could contribute to the problem.



Believe it or not, a poodle is seen as one of the more self-regulating dogs out there. It’s very possible that your poodle is not one of the pickiest eaters, but knows better than you when they’ve had enough.

French Bulldog


It’s very possible that as a dog that’s not as active your French Bulldog might not need the added calories. Many dogs will simply stop eating if they don’t need the extra food.

Cocker Spaniel


This type of dog is very sensitive to their physical and emotional surroundings. That can affect their diet in many ways, so it’s important to pay attention to what they’re going through at any given moment.



Dogs get picky too since they happen to like different textures in their food. There are types of food that are better for these dogs, so it’s fair to say that you might need to find a healthy balance between wet and dry dog food.



When you look at a Pug’s face it’s not tough to see that they have difficulty eating many foods. Sometimes they swallow without chewing, and that’s extremely detrimental to their health.

German Shepherd


Typically a German Shepherd will eat just about anything. But, like humans, they do like variety, so you might want to think about changing things up now and then. Just pay close attention and don’t over-indulge them.

Bichon Frese


Dogs suffer from allergies too, so it’s important to understand your dog’s needs. If your Bichon Frese is being finicky it’s smart to look at what you’re feeding them.

Boston Terrier


There aren’t a lot of medical reasons that explain why a Boston Terrier would be a picky eater. But much like the German Shepherd, they do like variety, so switch it up occasionally.


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