10 Best Dog Breeds For Your Protection


The best dog breeds for protection are those that will stand in the way of danger for you and your family. Barring that, you want to be able to bond with them as well.

Belgian Malinois


Used as a police dog in a lot of areas, this type of dog will set itself in harm’s way for those it cares about. However, despite being one of the best breeds for protection, they do require a lot of training.



This dog is one of the more intimidating in terms of looks, but as one of the breeds for protection, they’re quite loyal. Not only that, but they are usually quite affectionate toward their family.



As a breed known for protecting royalty, this is one of the breeds for protection purposes that is to be trusted. Not only that, but many Akita’s will do this without training.

Cane Corso


Telling someone that a dog was bred as a hunter, a war dog, and anything aggressive is bound to get some people’s hackles up. But the fact remains that dogs who are bred to protect will take their role seriously.

Doberman Pinscher


This is one of those dogs that just looks tough and intimidating. But despite being capable of affection, they do earn their reputation as guard dogs.

German Shepherd


The many breeds for protection use that exist in this world are often used in ways that make them less appealing to people who don’t feel the need for such a service. But, considering that German Shepherds are often police and military dogs, it says a lot for this breed since they are loyal and trustworthy, not to mention affectionate.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


These dogs are great protectors, but they do require essential training. Marking certain breeds for protection services doesn’t always mean they’ll be naturally acclimated to such a purpose.



Despite looking like a giant, living mop, the Komondor is a great protector. They are affectionate to their family and guarded around strangers, which is what should happen.

Tibetan Mastiff


This dog isn’t really that affectionate, but they are ultimately loyal. Considering that they used to protect caravans, their ability to perform such a task is impressive.



If you’ve ever seen a Rottweiler running then you’ll be able to liken them to a big, dark, furry bullet. The damage they can do to those seeking to harm their families is much worse than a bullet though, if you’re a stranger with intent to harm their loved ones.


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