10 Best Dog Breeds For Hiking


The best dog breeds for hiking are typically those that have a lot of energy and need to walk/run and remain active. These dogs are usually a lot of fun, but they don’t like sitting still that often.

Australian Shepherd

Among the best dog breeds when it comes to hiking, the Australian Shepherd is one of the most adventurous and fun dogs around. Their athleticism and ability to endure long periods of strenuous activity allow them to be easily suited to this pastime.

German Shorthaired Pointer


They were bred as hunting dogs, so it’s only natural. Going hiking with this type of dog is fun since they’re likely to lead the way if allowed.

Siberian Husky


This is one of the best dog breeds for a few things. But as sled dogs, they can take a hike in stride and smile from start to finish.



Hunting dogs are uniquely conditioned for a long hike, and for good reason. They stand out as the best breeds for hiking in the world, but most of them are still fun-loving and can enjoy themselves.



This type of hunting dog is still being bred for this task today. As a friendly and affectionate breed, they’re usually ready to go at any given moment.

Australian Cattle Dog


Dogs that have a lot of energy to burn are the best breeds for hiking since this activity allows them to burn off all that excess. For dogs such as this, physical exercise is a must.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


This African dog is typically a great companion for very active families. Even better, since they were bred to hunt large game they’re also great protectors.

Bernese Mountain Dog


A breed that was raised to herd cattle in the Swiss Alps is a breed that has no trouble with hiking. A trek up the mountains is probably just another day for these dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog


This breed has been utilized in a few ways, so a strenuous and extended hike isn’t that big of a deal. Staying active is second nature to this breed.

Alaskan Malamute


This breed does get confused with the Siberian Husky now and then, though they’re a little bigger than their Siberian cousins. But much like any Husky, they’re built for pulling sleds, so a hike is easy and enjoyable for these highly active dogs.


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