The Top Five Most Popular Greek Boy Names


It’s no secret that the Greeks have influenced much of western culture. For centuries, ancient Greece has made many a contribution to our culture, including through our fine arts, government,  sports, philosophies and even our diet! Suffice to say, with all that we’ve gotten through them, their culture has made a profound impact on our society as we know it. It’s not a shock that many of us, even those who are not Greek in the slightest, want to give back in any way we can: supporting Greek foundations, visiting Greece to aid in tourism – even naming our kids Greek names! Whether you are of Greek heritage in some form or just really enjoy Greek culture and want to name your baby boy a Greek boy name, the following are names you should definitely consider:


While this name is both for males and females, the name was originally a name for boys. It is also in the form of Alexander, which it is a bit more commonly known for boys as of late. The name has a solid meaning for boys to gravitate to, as it means “helper” or “defender.”


Spelled a variety of different ways, including Nicholas, Nicolas, and Nicholaos, this name means “victory for the people” and is a classic Greek boy’s name. It has been especially popular in the Christian world – in fact, three years ago, nearly 12,000 baby boys were some form of the name Nikolas. Saint Nicholas, a bishop in the 4th century, was one of the first famous known Nikolas. Saint Nicholas is naturally the patron saint of Greece – as well as children, which is to be believed that the fictional character of Santa Claus is based off of.


While there are very many versions of spelling and variations of different names, Thomas is one of the few that retains its authentic Greek spelling.  Meaning “twin,” one of the most famous people in history named Thomas is one of the twelve apostles and has been naturally a staple name in Christian culture ever since.


Best known in its more popular form of the name, Matthew, the Greek version is actually based on the Hebrew name that means “gift of Yahweh [God].”


It may not sound or seem very Greek, but Jason is originally a Greek boy name. Meaning “healer,” it’s a great name for a son, as in Greek mythology, Jason was the leader of a group of warrior heroes called the Argonauts. A healer AND a leader – what can be better than that?

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