Life as a Parent: When Murphy’s Law Takes Over

If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that Murphy’s Law applies most to children. Anyone with kids, or anyone around kids on a regular basis will get it. The rules that apply to real life do not always apply to children. Since parenting isn’t always serious, it’s sometimes funny to sit back and think about the ironies of becoming a mom or dad. Here are a few of my favorite to share with, and hear from, moms and dads.


If you do a major cleaning of the play room and toss toys you haven’t seen in months or years, your child will absolutely 100 percent ask you exactly where to find that toy about an hour later. It never, ever fails; ask any parent.

If your child asks for a toy and you promise them you will pick it up while you are shopping that day, you will never see that toy in a store. If your child asks for a toy and you remind them that a particular holiday is approaching, you will never find that toy in any store ever again.

Sleeping Babies

Your child will scream the entire 3 hour drive home from grandma’s house on Christmas Eve even though you beg her to fall asleep. She will fall asleep in the car five minutes before you get home and wake up for good when you try to move her out of the car.

If you put your baby down for a nap on a day that her nap is more important than ever (think: You have dinner plans and don’t want her freaking out in a restaurant out of exhaustion) someone will ring the doorbell and the dog will go nuts and the baby will wake up.


The moment you plan something wonderful for your child and you spend all kinds of time planning it and waiting anxiously for her to become excited when you finally do it/see it/go to it, she will not care at all and you will wonder why you were so excited about becoming a parent.

If you know she won’t like something and she begs for it for years because she’s going to love love love it more than anything in the world, she’s going to hate it the moment you cave and sigh her up or make that purchase.


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