Halloween Safety Tips for Kids Ringing Doorbells

Happy Halloween! We’ve talked before about important safety tips for this Halloween day. However, what we haven’t talked about in terms of Halloween safety is what to do at someone’s door. There are a few rules for kids and adults that should be adhered to on this great and fun holiday. This is especially true if you’re the kind of parent who stands back on the sidewalk while your kids ring doorbells. Here are three important safety tips when your kids are at the door; make sure they know them like the back of their hands.

Do Not Accept Unwrapped Candy

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell that what’s being put into your bag is unwrapped, but if it is, don’t accept it. If you’re worried about being rude, don’t. Unwrapped candy is a notoriously dangerous item that no child should accept or even eat.

Don’t Go to Unlit Houses

When a house has no lights and no Halloween décor, don’t ring the bell. For one, those people probably don’t want to be bothered on this night. Perhaps they don’t celebrate Halloween and your absence from their porch is appreciated. Or maybe they are just the kind of people whose door you don’t want your kids standing next to without light so that no one can see what’s happening. For safety reasons, avoid houses that have unlit porches on Halloween night.

Don’t Go Inside

Unless you’re ringing grandma’s doorbell or the bell of someone else you know very well, do not accept an invitation inside. There are always those who ask and have nothing but good intentions, but it’s always safer for you to simply decline to enter into a stranger’s home. Just say no. And make sure your kids know that under no circumstances – even if they won’t receive candy otherwise – should they go inside someone’s home.


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