15 Ways You Can Be A Good Role Model For Your Daughter


Daughters are such a treasure and we have so many hopes and dreams for their lives.  This is why you should try to be a good role model for your daughter.  We want only the best for them because we love them so much.  It is important to remember that our daughters are watching us closely and that they will tend to pick up on many things that we do in our own lives whether we wish them to do so or not.  She will learn so much from you so make sure you are living right before her.


1. Love Your Body As It Is

One of the most destructive things you can do to your daughter is put yourself and your body down.  If you want to be a good role model for your daughter, don’t allow her to hear you putting yourself down.  Better yet, don’t put yourself down at all.  Make it a point to search for things about your body you like, even if you want to lose weight or make other physical changes.


2. Treat Yourself Well

It is not a good thing to try to be a martyr.  Trying to be everything to everyone is impossible but women still try to do this everyday.  Take care of yourself.  Listen to your body’s needs.  Take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Get in touch with your needs and meet them to be a good role model for your daughter.


3. Take Time For Fun

All work and no play makes Mom a dull girl and one that is not a good role model for your daughter.  Ask yourself if you would want your daughter to be as hard on herself as you are on yourself?  Of course not. Working hard is admirable but so is taking time off to rest or enjoy the day doing something fun.


4. Get An Education

Getting an education is very important and something that you should do for yourself but also to be a good model for your daughter.  Many women are trapped in bad situations in their lives because they don’t have an education.  No one wants that for their daughter.  Get your own education and chances are good that she will follow in your footsteps.


5. Be Honest

Honesty is a core value of having integrity, something you definitely want your daughter to have.  For those times that you are tempted to tell a little white lie or keep that extra twenty dollars that the cashier at the grocery store gave to you, think about the fact that you want to be a good role model for your daughter.


6. Be Kind

Kindness is something we rarely see others have.  So many people are wrapped up in themselves or just entirely too busy in this day and time.  Don’t be one of those people.  Take time for kindness.  Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will be a good role model for your daughter when you are kind.  Let her see you doing a good deed for a neighbor or helping someone in need.


7. Be A Good Friend

Being a good friend is a skill that we all have to learn.  When you make sure you are taking time to be a good friend to your friends, you are enriching your relationship with them and you are being a good role model for your daughter.  Let her witness you remembering their birthday or cooking a meal for them when they are sick.


8. Take Care Of Your Marriage

If you want your daughter to have a strong, secure marriage then you need to have one yourself.  Statistics prove that children of divorced parents are much more likely to divorce their partner later in life.  Be a good role model for your daughter and invest in your marriage.  Not only are you being a good role model for your daughter but you are taking care of your marriage and preventing yourself heartache.


9. Be Strong

There is no shame in needing others to lean on in hard times but I want my daughter to know that her Mom is strong and can stand a lot of things down throughout life.  I don’t want to raise a daughter that withers away at life’s first problem and I suspect you don’t, either.  I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag- you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

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10. Be Independent

We should all strive to teach our daughters to be independent.  It is perfectly fine with me if my daughter chooses not to work and stay home to raise her children but I want her to have the ability to take care of herself should she need to.  This goes back to getting a good education.  Be a good role model for your daughter.  Let her know that you are fully able to take care of yourself, should the need arise.


11. Take Time For Others

Don’t get so busy in your life that you forget there are relationships that need tending.  The relationship that your daughter will most observe is her own with you.  Take time to spend with her and talk with her.  In doing so, you are being a good role model for your daughter in how to take time for others and that people matter more than anything else in life.


12. Treat Yourself

This is a fun tip that has great ramifications.  While it is being a responsible mother to make sure that your children have the things they need before you spend on yourself, treating yourself is a great way to be a good role model for your daughter.  Let her see you spending on yourself sometimes.  This gives her the message that it is okay to be good to yourself.


13. Know Your Worth

If you feel unworthy of the blessings in your life or struggle with low self-esteem, then you need to work on that promptly.  You do not want to pass that on to your daughter.  Know that despite any flaws you may have, you are a worthy person with much to offer and give to others.  Be a good role model for your daughter and be secure in your worth.  Let her see your self-confidence.


14. Have Good Morals

Having good morals is something we all want to see in our children.  However, they will not have them if you do not.  Children are going to imitate the way that their parents live.  They are watching you at all times.  Be sure to cultivate good morals in yourself and you will see them grow in your children as well.  Having good morals is another way to be a good role model for your daughter.


15. Keep A Clean Home

You don’t want your daughter to grow up and be a slob, do you?  If you want to see her have a clean home when she is older, then you need to teach her to live that way now.  Teach her about cleaning and make sure that you do it yourself.  We tend to pick up on our parents habits easily in this department.  Keeping a clean home is another way you can be a good role model for your daughter.


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