Top Trending Baby Girl Names of the Fall

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Baby names are a big deal to many people – it often signifies a name that was carried on in the family or is influenced by much of pop culture, like characters on TV shows and movies. Former popular names like Christina and Jennifer are getting less popular, with names like Katniss and Hazel, both names of female stars in young-adult movies, have been on the rise. This fall is a reflection on what 2014 has been laden with – the name Imogen, for example, has taken the top spot for female names, beating out the formerly more common ones.

Here are five of the top trending baby girl names of the fall:

1. Imogen

Meaning “maiden,” the Celtic originated name was long fashionable in England in the time of Shakespeare. In fact, it was first recorded as the name of the heroine in the playwright’s body of work, Cymbeline. One celebrity name Imogen is musician Imogen Heap. It is in the number one spot on

2. Charlotte

Meaning “free man,” the French originated name is an elegant royal name. Many characters in popular culture are named Charlotte, including Sex and the City’s Charlotte York and E.B. White’s title character in Charlotte’s Web. The name was ranked the 11th in the U.S. last year.

3. Violet

The Latin origin word meaning “purple,” it is one of the prettiest of the flower names, hands down. It was name that was popular hundreds of years ago but ended up bottoming out in the ’80s, rising again only about a decade ago. It is currently in the US Top 100 and most recently, celebrity parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their adorable daughter Violet.

4. Penelope

The Greek-based name meaning “weaver,” it’s a classic name that is making its way back to the charts. Famous Penelopes include Penelope Cruz and Kourtney Kardashian’s young daughter Penelope.

5. Harper

Hailed as the “new Jennifer,” the origin of the name is English and means “harp player.” It’s a red hot name for girls these days, given that it only entered the girls list 10 years ago. Famous Harpers include To Kill a Mockingbird‘s Harper Lee as well as the usage of it as a female character on the shows Gossip Girl and The Wizards of Waverly Place. 

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