Five Popular Middle Names for Girls

While in naming your child, more emphasis goes on the first name, many parents today are putting a lot of thought (and a lot more thought) into their choice of their baby girl’s middle name. There are a lot of trendy female middle names going around these days, including old-fashioned classics, flower names and even virtue-inspired names! Old-fashioned names are great for those who want to pass on a family name or want to remain classic and timeless. Flower names tend to be sweet and ultra-feminine, which is perfect for a baby girl. Virtue-inspired names usually describe a characteristic and are meaningful, yet more unique than the normal fare. Virtue names are also a great choice for those families with siblings and/or twins.

Here are five popular middle names for girls:

1. Grace – The name is derived from the Latin word meaning “God’s favor.” It is currently the middle name of a character named Hazel Grace in the newly-released movie (as well as the book of the same name) The Fault in Our Stars.

2. Rose – Named after the famous flower, notable ladies with the name are Rose Byrne (of Bridesmaids and X-Men: First Class fame).

3. Hope – As one of the three Christian values, faith, hope and charity, this English name was Miley Cyrus’ middle name at birth when she was better known as Destiny Hope.

4. Joy – As a very happy sounding name, it means rejoicing. Famous gals with the name include Joy Bryant, the American model and actress.

5. Ann – The meaning of the name is graceful. Famed Anns include Anne Hathaway, Ann B. Davis (the fallen cast member), as well as Jessica Simpson, who is now Jessica Ann Simpson.

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