Five Girl Names That are the Names of Angels (and What They Mean)

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From the moment a couple finds out they’re having a baby girl, that’s when it’s time to come up with baby names! Inspiration is found everywhere when it comes to naming your child, from nature to your favorite celebrity or character’s name. There are the common names everyone gives, like Jennifer; the names derived from flowers; as well as the name of fictional characters. But have you ever thought of naming your kids after the names of angels?  We always tend to refer to kids as “angels” or “angelic kids” – which only seems fitting.

Here are five girl names that also happen to be names of angels:

1. Layla

Layla is the angel on conception who oversees and protects childbirth. The name also means  “night” in Arabic.

2. Dina

Dina is guardian angel of learning and wisdom. The name is also a variation of the name Dinah, which means “judged” in Hebrew.

3. Evangeline

Evangeline is a variation of an angel-based name – after all, the word “angel” is even in it! The name also means “good messenger.”

4. Ariel

Ariel is not only the name of a red-haired mermaid! She is named after the angel of nature. The name also means “lamb of God” in Hebrew.

5. Raziel

Raziel is the saint for angel of mysteries. Her name is a variation of the name Raziela, which  also means she is a screener/editor.

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