Dealing With Milestone Ages: 30, 40 And Beyond

Milestone ages can be hard to swallow, especially for us women.  As you find yourself approaching 30, 40 and all the ages beyond, there are several things you can do to help you deal with those milestone ages without letting your birthday get you down.

Appreciate what you have in the present.  If you have made it to one of those milestone ages, the truth is that you have been blessed with more than many people have.  Many people have not lived to see those milestone ages.  Appreciate what you have and the years you have been given.

Look back.  Looking back will allow you to see all of the things you have accomplished in your life.  You may have graduated college with honors or have a stellar career.  You may have the marriage of your dreams or beautiful children that you are extremely proud of.  We make accomplishments in many areas of our life.  Maybe you can say you have always made it a point to help a stranger in need or be kind to others.  Whatever your accomplishments are, they matter.

Just because you have hit one of those milestone ages does not mean your life is over.  Look forward to all of the wonderful things you have planned to do with your life.  If you haven’t made any plans or goals for your future, there is no better time to do it than when you hit one of those milestone ages.

Realize it is about the journey.  Are you enjoying your life?  Are you happy?  Those are the things that really matter, not a number that represents your age.

Don’t worry about aging, either.  We are all aging.  Don’t compare yourself to twenty year olds.  It isn’t a fair comparison.  Focus more on trying to take care of yourself and look good for your age rather than trying to look an age you are not.


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