Men, Consider These Red Flags?!

Men are so funny, and that’s why we love them. They pretend like they don’t understand why we spend so much time on our hair, and then practically have a heart attack when you bring home the wrong shampoo. They spend time telling you that you look great and rolling their eyes that you are even asking, yet they spend time in front of the mirror trying to figure out if their new jeans make them look fat. Men are a little crazy, and that’s why they’re so much fun. However, a new website called has women laughing harder than ever at their men. This site is written for men, by men and here are a few of the things they consider relationship red flags; some are a little over the top and others are a little more realistic.

Not Revealing Your Age

When you aren’t honest about your age, men consider it a red flag. Men think that by not being completely honest with your age they are working with a ticking time bomb (aka biological clock). In their (irrational?) minds they believe that you will want to get married a week later, have babies two weeks later and live happily ever after one minute later. Silly boys.


Yes, bangs. The kind on your forehead; men consider this a red flag. In their (here we go again with the irrational thought) minds they consider women with bangs as women who think they are intellectually superior and they fear that you might just start talking about Freudian Theory with them. It never once occurred to them that bangs are just hot this season.

Wearing a Matching Outfit to the Gym

Oh, boy. Ladies, it’s time to start wearing your crappy old clothes (with extra care to make sure they do not even remotely match) to the gym. Men consider a woman in a matching workout ensemble to be high maintenance and too concerned with her appearance (isn’t that he’s at the gym, anyway?).

Not Cooking

Go ahead and roll your eyes; your mom may have told you that no man wants a woman who won’t cook and if she sees this your phone will start blowing up. Now, let’s be clear here; men don’t mind women who don’t cook every night. However, if you don’t show off your culinary skills early on, he will assume that you won’t be a good wife or mother. He doesn’t mind take out, dinners out or cooking together as a team, but in his mind this is something he needs to know almost as soon as he knows your name.

The Power of Pink

Maybe this one isn’t so crazy. Men consider a woman with too many pink possessions to be a little immature (to be fair, I consider women who live in a pink frothy cupcake of a life to be a little immature). Pink is a great way to accessorize with décor, but you should only have pink walls, a pink bed, pink rugs and all pink everything when you’re five. Additionally, he just can’t see being intimate with you in the bedroom he always envisioned his future daughter living in; at the age of three.


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