Life Lessons From College You’ll Use Forever

College is a place of higher education. However, college is more than just a place in which you learn a bit more and obtain a degree that helps you get a start on your career and your future. It’s a place in which you learn a number of life lessons. While some college students learn life lessons such as knocking before entering their roommate’s bedroom or that last shot of tequila is always a bad idea, most college students learn important and valuable life lessons in these short years.

Time Management  

It’s no big secret that time is of the essence in college. You have too much to learn, not enough time to learn it, too many social engagements, family time and work. You’ll learn pretty quickly that unless you manage your time like a pro, you’re going to fail at something. This is also a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life – especially when you have kids.


Maybe you’ve led the kind of life up until this point that allows you to forgo taking responsibility. However, once you’re in college; that all changes. If you don’t take responsibility for yourself – you’re going to end up on the chopping block. You have to become responsible for every aspect of your life because no one else is going to.


Nothing is as important in college as good communication skills. Unless you can communicate your feelings, thoughts and issues with your friends, family and professors, you’re going to end up in trouble. Being able to communicate can prevent problems, solve problems and keep conflict at bay. This is especially important when it comes to speaking up when you don’t understand an assignment or project. Your professor isn’t going to be lenient on sloppy or misunderstood work simply because you didn’t communicate the fact that you were experiencing issues understanding the assignment.


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