Learn How to Create the Changes You Want

During a rare moment of peace in the office, you look out your window and appreciate your uninterrupted view of the ocean (or Central Park). You then look around your large corner office and appreciate the antique rug, expertly distressed tables and your perfect desk. Photos you with your children and husband frolicking in the sand at your Caribbean beach house are displayed on your desk and next to your professionally framed diplomas. Your Christian Louboutin clad feet are propped up on your desk and you’re drinking your favorite frappucino; and it has no calories. Oh, you know this is a dream? Was it the Caribbean beach house that tipped you off or the calorie free frap? Either way, this dream scenario is one you probably have – or at least some variation. Your success dreams can be a reality if you learn how to create the changes you want to make them possible.  Here’s how to create the changes you want.

Look at the Big Picture

Your goal is the big picture; it is not the journey. Many people often feel that they have failed because they set a goal and didn’t achieve it right away. The truth is, it takes time to make your way from the mailroom to the CEO’s office, and I’m not talking about making a delivery. The big picture is fine, but you can’t get there without going on a little journey first, which is why the little steps you have to take are the ones you must focus on. Destination: CEO. Journey to CEO: Figure it out. Perhaps you need to further your education, so sign up for classes. If you need to meet more people and get your name out there, start networking. Each small step you take, whether it is successful or not, puts you one step closer to achieving your goal, so treat them all with respect and importance.

Make a Simple Plan

You need a plan; there’s no getting around it. When you go to the grocery store without looking through the pantry and the fridge, you don’t know what you need. When you go to the store for ingredients to make a meal you’ve never made before, what are the chances you can get all the right ingredients without first looking at the recipe and making a list? That’s right, you need a plan. Without making one, your journey is pointless and aimless.

Write Down your Accomplishments: No Matter How Small

It may seem silly, but making a note of every small task you accomplish at work is a great idea. When it’s time to update your resume or talk yourself up to a higher-up you can refresh your memory about all the things you did throughout the course of your career. Sometimes the smallest details are the most important, and forgetting about them is a mistake.

Use Your Calendar

When you make plans to do something you put it in your calendar. The same should be done for advancing your career. You schedule your hair appointments, so why not schedule something more important (I know, great hair is of utmost importance) such as your career? From now on you need to schedule your career. Start putting one or two networking lunches on your calendar each month. Put down the dates of the seminar you think will impress your boss and schedule time to go to it. Planning and scheduling isn’t just for vacation and date night; it’s for life.


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