Three Must Have Luxury Items

The state of the economy has even the most comfortable of families thinking twice about making pricey purchases, and other families are unable to even think about making purchases of anything they do not direly need. With the jobs being lost, tight budgets and this economy, saving as much as possible seems to be the answer, which means no big ticket purchases. However, studies show that skipping out on several big-ticket items may be a bad idea. Some extravagant items can actually turn into profit, providing you with job advancement, respect and more confidence. These three luxury items should not be missed.


With cell phones, who needs a watch to tell the time? You do. A well-made designer watch is a sign of class, elegance and several other imperceptible signs about you. When clients, potential employers and just about anyone else sees you with a classic timepiece, they are sure to be impressed studies show. However, simply because a watch displays the name of a high-end designer does not make it classy or elegant; avoid watches with too much glitz and too much detail. A simple, subtle designer watch in a classic platinum, silver or gold is enough to impress. A nice watch is a sign of power and intelligence, according to a study performed by the Journal of Marketing.


Showing up for a client meeting or driving your boss around in your minivan is not going to earn you cool points with anyone. Think about it; even your kids are embarrassed that you drive a minivan. While many balk at the idea of being judged by the perceived status of their vehicle, studies actually show that the biggest benefit to driving an awesome car is self-induced. Behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle you feel more confident, as though you need to live up to the status of your car. Fortunately for those who don’t have a huge budget for a brand new $80,000 luxury sedan, many cars can be purchased used. For example, a five or six-year-old Lexus, BMW or Cadillac can be purchased for less than $30,000 and still looks classy, elegant and cool.

Tailored Suit

Everyone knows that when a suit fits just right, whether on a man or woman, the look is one that cannot be beat. A well tailored suit screams confidence, power and prestige. The only downside is the initial cost: a well-made, tailored business suit for a man or woman could cost upwards of $1,000. Choosing one in basic black with no discernible details means you can get away with wearing it frequently without anyone realizing. The power behind this suit is the fit; when you put it on you automatically feel more confident and more powerful. When others see you in it, they see power and intelligence. Your boss will be impressed, potential employers and/or clients will be impressed, and your overall job performance will improve.


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