How to Make Effective Goals

Everyone needs goals to fulfill their dreams and their life with happiness. However, many of us go about achieving our goals the wrong way. A new study suggests that over planning our goals makes it more difficult for us to actually accomplish them, which makes it more difficult for us to feel good about ourselves. Of course, planning is essential if you want to get anything accomplished, but there’s a smart way to do it. If you want to accomplish your goals and feel good about yourself, there are a few steps you need to take.


If you have goals that require a lot of planning, you need to plan. Put those first and make time to create a foolproof plan, and leave the over planning to those goals.

Be Realistic

With only 24 hours in the day, there’s no possible way you can do everything all the time. Don’t make it a goal to do so many things in one day that you cannot possibly do them all.  You will only end up angry and frustrated with yourself, and you will not feel confident the next time you have to make a plan or a goal.

Compare Yourself To Other People

Think about someone who has a couple extra kids or a job outside the home, plus kids, plus a spouse, or a woman who is divorced and raising kids, keeping a house, and working all on her own. When you look at how much other people have to do, suddenly your to-do list doesn’t seem like such a big deal, and you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed.

Promise You Will Finish

If you don’t make yourself a promise to follow through with your commitment, you won’t do it. There is  a time and place to falter, but you have to promise yourself that you will make it work.


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