Have Yourself a Sweet, Sweet Summer

Your summer memories no doubt induce a smile as you remember late nights with your friends, playing with neighborhood kids, going to the skating rink, swimming and have camp outs with your favorite people. Today your summers go one of two ways: You either spend it at home with your kids who are out of school and bored in about five minutes or you spend it at work, wishing you were doing anything but working. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you have to spend your summers wishing for times long past, you can make your summer a little simpler and a little sweeter.


Nothing says summer like a strawberry. Indulge in a little summer happiness by always having strawberries on hand. Dip them in chocolate to add a little extra decadence to these already delicious treats. Take them to work and head outside during your break to sit in the sun and nibble on them. You’ll feel instantly happier and a little sweeter.

Go Back in Time

Create a playlist that speaks volumes about your happiest moments. Think back to your fondest memories and download songs that remind you of those times. Put them on your iPod and rock out to them anytime you are in the car to remind yourself of happy, sweet summers.

Go for a Bike Ride

Take the kids, take your friends or go by yourself. There’s something so sweet and innocent – not to mention relaxing and happy – about taking a long bike ride on a beautiful morning. No doubt you will be reminded of your childhood and times that were a little simpler and a lot less stressful.

It doesn’t take much to feel a little happier at any given moment – even if you are already happy. Recreate memories from times long past and have a little fun without much effort at all.


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