Summer Hairstyles For 2012

Hairstyles are more difficult to maintain in the summer months.  The weather is warmer, the air is stickier, which always leads to frizz for those with curls and limp, lifeless locks for our straight-haired ladies.

But there are solutions!  The summer hairstyles for 2012 promise to keep your do fresh and trendy.  Whether you choose to use these hairstyles on a daily basis or for a hair emergency, the choice is yours.

New to hairstyles and just in time for summer is the messy bun or the messy ponytail.  Both sound like they just happen  but they don’t.  They require a bit of work but are surprisingly simple to obtain.  The first thing you do is start with hair that has a bit of texture to it.  This means mouse or gel for the curly gals, and hair that has been curled a bit and sprayed for the straight-haired gals.

Once your hair has texture, if you are doing a ponytail, allow the hair to fall where it may as you loosely gather it together.  Secure it with a band.  Pull out a few pieces to frame your face and spray.  If going for the messy bun, the technique is very similar.  You actually put the hair in the ponytail, then twist the hair loosely around the band, securing with pins.  Again, pull the hair out in spots to make it look slightly undone.  A tip: pins work best when inserted with the zig zag side against your scalp.

Some days are truly bad hair days.  For those days, covering up is the best choice in hairstyles.  There are other choices besides hats.  Go with summer and use your favorite sunglasses as a headband.  Scarves are great to use as a headband, as well.  Put your hair in a scrunchie while damp and leave in a bun rather than allowing hair to go all the way through.  This hairstyle has the advantage of leaving you with large, bouncy waves when you take it down.

Don’t stress too much over hair this summer.  Hairstyles aren’t nearly as important as catching up with old friends or watching the sunset with the one you love.



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