Habits To Get Rid of For the Health of Your Relationship

What you do on a daily basis can make or break your relationship. I once heard that you should do something nice for the person you love at least once a day. That doesn’t include telling them you love them or kissing them goodbye or hello. I remember that like it was yesterday, because it really resonated with my husband and I, and since then it’s become a habit in our daily lives. If you want to make your relationship better, you need to start doing positive things and get rid of these daily habits that are ruining your relationship.

Forgetting Appearances

Of course your relationship has more depth than your outer appearance, but that doesn’t mean we should all forget that. Make it a habit to look at least halfway decent for your husband on a daily basis if you want to keep your relationship strong. Think about what a turnoff it is when he walks around unshaven, unbrushed, and in his grossest shorts. Now think about the fact that he thinks the same way about you when you do the same thing.

Speaking Negatively about One Another

I don’t care how mad you are at him, keep it to yourself. Of course, you can complain about his habit of leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and his annoying way of loading the dishwasher. However, never bad mouth each other. When you say negative things to other people, you start to believe they are the only things about him, and your friends start to like him less.

Spending Too Much Time Apart

Just because you’ve been together for years and the excitement isn’t as exciting as it once was doesn’t mean you should spend too much time apart. To keep your relationship strong you should spend time together on a regular basis, which makes you stronger and happier.


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