The Five Most Commonly Used Facebook Symbols

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In this day and age, practically everyone has a Facebook: you probably do, as do many of your family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, and teachers – pretty much anyone you come into contact with likely has a Facebook account. With so many people using the social media platform all over the world, it’s no surprise that people try to use their own flair to personalize their accounts, even if it means adding something extra to messages and status updates. There are so many different symbols too; they’re not just emoticons – they are actual symbols! From faces to hearts to zodiac sign symbols to chess pieces to hand gestures, there’s so many Facebook symbols to choose from!

Here are five of the most commonly used Facebook symbols:

1. Heart

This is a very commonly used symbol, often used to convey a love of something, whether it is to say you like something so much you love it, or that you love someone.

2. Happy face

This sunshine-making symbol is often used to show just how emotionally happy people are or to express pleasure in something. This one and the heart symbols are quite possibly the most used in all the world!

3. Musical note

This one is often used when someone is quoting song lyrics in a caption or a status update. It is either a fun, carefree song, or one that is laden with anger – often one of the two.

4. Two finger peace sign

This symbol can be taken in two ways: either a peace sign to show friendliness or to promote peace and love in the Internet space. Either way, it’s a very nice symbol.

5.  Star

This five-pointed symbol is often used to flair up a status update, often in the context of being famous.

To use these (as well as any others in existence), go here to copy and paste your favorite ones!

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