What Your Clothes Are Saying About You

Every morning when you wake up and look into your closet for clothes to wear – or to realize you have absolutely not one piece of clothing to wear or that everything hanging in your closet is awful – you are unknowingly telling the world all about you. Your clothes, however conservative or revealing, say a lot about you. You might be surprised to find out what your clothes really say about you – it isn’t always the message you’re trying to get across. These are expert opinions, and I’m no expert, but I’m not certain I agree with all of them.

Cut Matters More Than Cost

You might think you are portraying a powerful business woman when you don that thousand dollar designer suit at the office, but if the cut isn’t right – you don’t. According to psychological studies, it doesn’t matter how expensive a piece of clothing is if it doesn’t fit just right. For example, a woman in a $20 off the rack suit tailored to perfection is perceived as more successful and powerful than a woman in a $3,000 Chanel suit that she didn’t bother to have tailored. Ladies, your clothes need to fit just right.

Too Many Neutrals

The fact is that many women associate neutral colors with power and elegance. For example, a CEO might choose to wear only black, navy, or camel because she feels her employees will respect her more in that than they would in a bold color top. In fact, if your clothes are always neutral, it tells people that you are in hiding. It screams that you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to be noticed. It does not emanate power and success; it emanates a lack of confidence.

Wearing the Pants Isn’t Always the Best Role

You might like the idea of always wearing the pants in different aspects of your life and that’s okay when you’re figuratively speaking. However, when you literally only wear pants – it says something else about you. Wearing only pants and avoiding skirts and dresses at all costs says you might not be comfortable in your own skin.


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