Timeless Fashion Advice from Grandma

Grandma makes the best cookies in the world. She gives the biggest, best hugs. She has the best kitchen of anyone you know. She always has a smile and a great meal for you. She always has an encouraging word and a bit of advice that makes you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. Grandma is pretty awesome. Grandma also grew up in a time when style was all about class, elegance, and femininity, which is precisely the reason she is the woman you should go to for style advice. Here are some style tips from real life grandmothers that is such good advice you’ll never need to read another fashion magazine again.


One 80-year-old grandmother says that in all her years she has never once dressed for style, she has always dressed for elegance. In her opinion, elegance is always in style, and elegance is always classy.

Style Secret

Grandma always has the best advice, right? Right, which is why when she tells you that best style secret in the world is being in love with yourself and realizing what a great figure and look you have, you better believe her. Now stop criticizing yourself and start loving yourself.


Grandma is right to believe that the right neckline is the most important accessory you can have. Too much cleavage is too much, which is why a subtle neckline is the best fashion choice you will ever make.


True style is always about quality, not quantity. Stop purchasing trendy, cheap items because that’s exactly what they look like. For lasting style, opt for investment pieces that will last a lifetime. Instead of 30 cheap handbags, invest in one quality designer bag that will last a lifetime. That Louis Vuitton monogram bag Grandma is carrying? She bought that bag 45 years ago and it’s still in style, still looks brand new, and still adds class and elegance to everything she wears.


If you want to look good when you’re older, you need to start working on it now. Eat right, exercise, and don’t overindulge in too much of a good – but bad for you – thing.



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