Three Ways to Look Fabulous in Every Photo

Almost every woman on the planet is just vain enough to critique a photo with her in it(do you know anyone who sees a photo of herself and doesn’t comment on how much she loves it or chunky her arms look?). Even the least vain women on the planet recognize an unflattering photo featuring their lovely (or horrendously awkward) selves. While there is no way to magically make a woman thinner, tanner and more flawless just before she takes her photo (that inventor would be the richest person ever) without the help of plastic surgery and/or photo shop, there are three things you can do to ensure that you always take a flattering photo.

Find a Smile that Fits

You may have the most beautiful smile in the world, but if you constantly stare at your photos in disgust because your eyes have disappeared into your cheeks, you may need to tone it down in future photos. A smaller, more mysterious smile can make you look sexier and more symmetrical in photos (though a full on grin is always gorgeous, in my opinion).

Position the Camera

Never, ever allow anyone to take a photo of you standing up while they are crouched or sitting down. Even a woman with a perfect body and gorgeous face will look awful from this angle. The camera should always be eye level or slightly above. Additionally, always keep your head perfectly even. Lifting it too high is unattractive, but lowering it too much can enhance a double chin – or create one that doesn’t exist.

Blot A Lot

Your T-zone is prone to getting a little greasy and shiny, which can make you look less than gorgeous in photos. Carry blotting papers in your bag at all times and discreetly blot your face every half hour or just before a photo.


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