Key Pieces of Fashion Advice for Women

Women tend to love fashion and style as a rule; no matter whether you’re the feminine type or the masculine type or the casual type. Fashion and style are important to most women and it’s something that can’t be denied. However, women are always looking for more fashion advice to add to their already large collection of advice. Here are three great pieces of fashion wisdom from stylists, designers and fashion experts that will help you throughout life.

Work Your Way Up

When choosing what to wear each day, start from the floor and work your way up. Pick a pair of shoes that make you feel glamorous and amazing and work your outfit around those. It’s surprisingly simple and effective; it also has a way of making you feel really good about what you wear. Then again, shoes always have a way of making women feel amazing so it only makes sense to build your outfit around them.

Dress Up

Life is casual most days. Even the workplace is casual. If you have kids, you’re probably casual more often than not simply because it’s the most appropriate way to keep your body parts where they need to go and avoid expensive dry cleaning bills. Every now and again, however, it’s important for you to dress up and remind yourself – and the world – that you’ve still got it. It’s a great confidence booster.

Always Assume It’s a Shirt

There’s one piece of advice that never fails to amaze me how few women are actually familiar with it. I hear it – a lot – and it’s mind boggling. If you have to wonder whether or not something is a dress or a shirt, it’s a shirt. I don’t care if it’s meant to be a dress. If it looks like a top for a woman your age, it needs to go on top with something on the bottom: Something like leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. If you have to ask, it’s not a dress.

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