Becoming a Fashionable Mom with a Few Steps

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I laughed off everyone’s suggestion that my five in Jimmy Choos would soon be replaced with flats.  Would I not be fashionable anymore? I didn’t “do” flats.  When my daughter was born I went out by myself one day in my heels, carrying the car seat from the car to the cart, unfolding, refolding and storing the stroller in the back of my SUV and trying to bend down to the diaper bags to retrieve diapers and formula. I thought I might die. My shoes made me too tall to do anything comfortably and I felt wobbly and insecure in my fabulous shoes for the first time in my life. I swallowed my pride and started my collection of Tory Burch flats. My Choos only see the outside of their dust bags on date night.

Looking like a fashionista with kids is a tough task. Moms know exactly what I’m talking about. Fortunately, we can all still look fabulous even carting our kiddos around. We just have to make a few wardrobe tweaks.  Here are some quick ways to be a fashionable mom.


During the cool weather we all love to don our skinny jeans and over the knee boots. The change we have to make here is the height of the heel. If you insist on a heel opt for a chunky heel that will allow you to feel secure as you carry your children around.


You can make any outfit look cooler simply by throwing on a pair of oversize sunglasses. Jeans and a white tee look ultra chic with a pair of big sunglasses and a casual scarf.


Kids love your hair. They love to pull your hair and make you want to scream in agony. For moms with long hair this is the time to master the sleek up do. A messy top knot or a sleek knot at the base of your neck will have you comfortable and looking cool. No sticky fingers, gum messes or pulling required.


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