Flattering Colors for Every Woman

It doesn’t matter whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall; finding colors that flatter your skin tone and body type is a difficult task for some. Some women forget that style means looking good in every way. Not only must your clothing fit you appropriately, it must also be a color that brightens your skin and brings out your hair and eyes. Some women simply cannot wear certain colors; and since I can’t tell you what color looks good on you (but I can tell you look looks horrendous on me) I will simply tell you what colors look good on everyone, no matter what.


Eggplant is the perfect color for every skin tone and hair color. The reason is because it is neither too warm nor too cool. It brings out every color eye and every hair color. It looks good on those with dark skin, light skin and skin with yellow-undertones. Simple and chic, eggplant is always a safe and flattering color to try.


When in doubt, just wear red. It is a color that looks amazing on every person. Additionally, it’s the kind of color that adds instant confidence and power to any ensemble.


This color is the perfect marriage of light pink and peach. It looks good on even the palest of skin tones and with the lightest of hair. This universally flattering color is one that looks innocent and feminine while still making everyone who wears it appear to glow.


Yes, teal. As long as you forego the shoulder pads and satiny material of the 1980s prom gowns you are good to go in teal. It’s bright, but not too bright, which means you will bring out your eyes, hair and skin tone in this flattering and lovely color for anyone.


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