Are Adult Backpacks Becoming a Fashion Trend?

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Let’s face it: women often tend to carry a lot of things in their purses. With all the things we lug around in our often-too small bags, it’s safe to say that some of us even treat our purses as mini-luggages with the amount of stuff we bring  with us on a daily basis. We might as well be carrying around backpacks with all that we bring with us. Who says that backpacks are only for children and people in school? Adults these day can actually rock the adult backpack – after all, why should the young ones get all the luck?!

It’s not as prominent just yet, so it begs the question: are adult backpacks really becoming a fashion trend? All signs point to yes! From the runway to celebs on the street to average women out and about, we are seeing more backpacks geared for adults showing up more prominently. Their designs range from high end couture to cute but comfortable and useful to fun and funky. Whatever the taste, there’s a backpack out there for someone. Celebs like Lily Allen, Kristen Bell, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry have been seen toting around their personal backpacks, making sure it looked trendy and fashionable!

Nearly every retailer has an adult backpack in stock  – you just have to look and observe. Places like Kohl’s, Burlington Coat Factory, and Marshalls all have fashionable and reasonably priced backpacks. Take a look around you and you’ll hear the new trend that is adult backpacks!

(Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images for IMG)


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