Five Facts of Life that Only Siblings Understand

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Siblings – they can be both your best friend and your mortal enemy, depending on the day and what you’ve borrowed or stolen from them. They’ve seen us at our best, worst, most beautiful, ugliest, nicest, meanest and everything in between. Siblings are the best because they are pretty much built-in friends that you are bound with for life, even if you may not always see it that way. You have a special bond that is like no other – even with the closest of friends – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’ve grown up with a sister or brother, here are five facts of life that only your siblings would understand:

1. Your parents as well as other elder family members will call you by your sibling’s name, but it takes too long to explain so you just let it go and even answer to it. Every. Single. Time.

2. You can complain all you want about your siblings to your friends, but when they say something remotely negative about your sibling, it’s on.

3. There is always going to be someone there that has mutual understanding of just how truly crazy, weird and dysfunctional your family is.

4. They always have that one incredibly embarrassing story that they can always hold over your head, something that’s way more embarrassing than anything any of your friends can ever tell – and vice versa.

5. You have a built-in best friend for life no matter what happens between you two. You can argue with them 24/7, hate them half of the time and still love each other unconditionally and want each other in your lives.

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