Playing For Keeps Is A Fun Chick Flick You Will Enjoy Watching

Playing For Keeps is a movie that stars Gerard Butler as George Dryer, a retired soccer star.  His career as a soccer player is over and he is left facing the fact that he has made plenty of mistakes in life and love.  His relationship with his son Lewis is in need of aid and he is desperately trying to become a better father to him.  He has many regrets over his past, especially letting his wife, Stacie go.

He is searching for a job as a sports reporter while trying to reestablish his connection with Lewis.  While he is doing this, life begins throwing him some curve balls.  First, word gets out about who he is and his abilities in soccer and he is pushed into the position of Lewis’s soccer coach.  Then, several of the moms of the players are attracted to him and attempt to enter into different types of intimate relationships with him.  While George isn’t against the attention he is receiving, he is truly only playing for keeps with one woman, Stacie.

George tries hard to prove to Stacie that he isn’t the same man he was when they split up when Lewis was a baby.  Stacie still has feelings for him but is afraid of being hurt again.  She is undecided about what to do and then George is caught up in what looks very scandalous.  All hope seems lost that they can ever reconsile.  George tries to do the best thing for everyone and searches for work that will take him out of Stacie and Lewis’s everyday life.  You wonder if this couple can work out their differences and have the happy ending you want them to have.

Playing for keeps is a fun, lighthearted romantic comedy that offers what we want to see in a chick flick.  Playing For Keeps is a hit.  Rent it tonight.


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