Mickey Rooney Passes Away at 93: Here Are 5 Of Our Favorite Roles Of His

Tinsel Town legend, actor Mickey Rooney passed away at his Los Angeles home on Sunday, April 6 at the age of 93. The former all-American child actor made his debut in the 1930s and worked steadily throughout the 1930s and 1940s as such, thus earning one of the era’s top box-office draws . Mickey, who allegedly is who Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse after, is said to have died of natural causes. He is best known for his breakout role as Andy Hardy in the Andy Hardy films.

Throughout his career, he received multiple awards for his accomplishments, including a Juvenile Academy Award, an Honorary Academy Award, two Golden Globes and an Emmy Award. Talk about the end of an era! Upon his death, Mickey was one of the last surviving stars who worked in the silent film era.

In honor of Mickey’s death, here are 5 favorite roles of his:

1. Giving a one-man performance on the  Twilight Zone in the episode, “The Last Night of a Jockey”

2. His voices for four Christmas TV specials, including Santa Claus is Coming to Town, A Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudy and Frosty’s Christmas in July, and A Miser Brothers’ Christmas  – all playing Santa Claus

3. Voicing Mr. Cherrywood in the ’80s classic, The Care Bears Movie

4. Appearing on a guest-spot on the show Golden Girls as Sophia’s boyfriend, Rocko, who claimed to be a bank robber

5. Costarring alongside Dick Van Dyke and Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum

Photo by Chris Blumenshine/Getty Images



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