5 Netflix-Worthy Movie Ideas For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day looming just a little more than a week away, many singles and couples alike are anxiously deciding on what to do for Cupid’s holiday. Whether you’re a single gal on a budget or a busy mom with limited date night time, one great (and inexpensive!) way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day is to make it a Redbox/Netflix night along with your honey or best pals. Paired with a romantic homemade meal or even just your favorite takeout food, a night in with a good, sappy flick may be just the perfect evening to celebrate good ol’ February 14th. You can catch up on any tear jerkers you’ve missed or recount the best moments in your favorite classic rom-coms in the comfort of your own home! Here are 5 Netflix-worthy movie night ideas, perfect for the day of love:

Sixteen Candles

The 1984 classic has something for everyone – and every heart – in it. Pouty and gorgeous Molly Ringwald? Check. Hunky dreamboat with a heart of gold Jake Ryan? Check. Hilarious comedy? Check. A handful of ‘before they were stars’ cameos? Check. And, of course, a heartwarming love story about high school romance? Double check!

The Notebook

If anyone can say they know love, it’s Nicholas Sparks: the author has penned over a dozen romance-drama novels, eight of which have been turned into big screen movies. Arguably the most epic and most beloved of Sparks’ work is the 2004 film adaptation, “The Notebook.” The theme of the film was so powerful, stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams became a couple offscreen as well as playing one onscreen. And that is all the power of “The Notebook”!

Bridget Jones Diary

He may have caught our eye in “Pride and Prejudice,” but leading man Colin Firth sent us through the roof as Mark Darcy, the eventual love of Renee Zellweger’s title character, Bridget Jones. Having to choose between Hugh Grant and Colin is a tough call, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We dare you NOT to swoon when Mark tells Bridget, “No, I like you very much. Just as you are.” … Dare you.

A Walk to Remember

Another Nicholas Sparks novel-based movie knocks it out like a champ! The 2001 drama chronicling the romance between a reformed bad boy (Shane West) and a good girl with a tragic secret (Mandy Moore) breaks our hearts every single time. Be sure to keep those tissue boxes handy and within reach.

Love Actually

Technically this is generally a Christmas holiday pick, but you can’t ignore this work of art – especially since it contains the word ‘love’ in the title! Richard Curtis’ 2003 rom-com was chock full of love stories and most everyone could identify with at least one (if not more) of them. The all-star cast and cameos are enough to peg this flick a V-Day must-see!

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