5 Memorable Valentine’s Day TV Episodes

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than chocolate, flowers, and… TV? Like any major holiday, Valentine’s Day is one that many TV shows dedicate a whole episode about – some more love-themed than others. Whether it features a good, bad, or just plain ugly V-Day, we just can’t help but have a little love for them all!  A number of our favorite TV series have some pretty epic and sweet Valentine’s Day-centered episodes, ones we’ve probably seen at least a half dozen times. Here are 5 of our favorite memorable Valentine’s Day TV episodes – please excuse us as we swoon.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

It’s never a dull moment at Seattle Grace, and Valentine’s Day is no different! A restaurant roof collapses that leads to an intense arm reattachment surgery, Arizona plays matchmaker for Dr. Bailey, and Meredith deals with being the new Mrs. McDreamy.

2. The Big Bang Theory

In “The Large Hadron Collision” episode, Leonard gets the opportunity to go to Switzerland and wants to take Penny along since it coincides with V-Day. Sheldon gets upset because he wants to go, but Penny and Sheldon both get sick and have to spend the holiday together at home. Meanwhile, Raj goes with Leonard, ending up at a romantic chalet and having a ball.

3. The Simpsons

It may not be the most romantic moment on TV, but you can’t deny that Lisa’s “I Choo-Choo Choose You” pity card to Ralph was pretty cute, especially when he decides to pursue her after that. Luckily all’s well that ends well and the two ultimately just stay friends.

4. Glee

In the adorable “Silly Love Songs” episode of the hit FOX show, the ever-macho Puck sings to the ultra sassy Lauren, Kurt sings a sweet Paul McCartney song to Blaine, and the gang ends up in an aptly decorated Breadstix. 

5. Veronica Mars

Veronica slows down for no one, not even for Valentine’s Day. The high-schooler-by-day and P.I.-by-night finds out Duncan is Meg’s secret admirer and hooks them up, has to tell Logan that his mother is actually dead, and has a post-dance makeout session with Deputy Leo (a pre-New Girl Schmidt!).

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